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Abundance Program

Live in Full

The Abundance Program introduces Awali to our larger community through education. In connection with homeschool and educational collectives, our Abundance Program engages young people with food forest tours, garden knowledge, and training at Awali. At the end of the learning day, we serve a free plant-based meal catered to children. The children learn about local, plant-based growing techniques, common tool knowledge, best ecological practices, and the benefits of a vegan diet.

Through play and exploration in nature, children have a tangible learning experience. The Abundance Program serves as an introduction to Awali. The information gained is then reinforced through additional programs and experiences. The Abundance Program is an interface where we offer “edutainment” and fun-filled experiences for the younger members of our community as we introduce them to larger developmental concepts. As children embrace these principles and practices, their parents and families are also positively influenced.

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