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Welcome to Awali!

Our mission is to create empowered, food-secure communities through the advancement of plant-based food systems and creative learning experiences in natural environments. Please complete the following form to sign in for your visit.

Facility Guidelines
1. Firearms are strictly prohibited on the Awali grounds.
2. Hunting is prohibited on the Awali grounds.
3. Residential facilities are off limits to visitors at all times.
4. Visitors are not permitted to climb trees or wood piles.
5. No smoking is permitted anywhere on the Awali grounds.
6. Alcohol consumption is not permitted anywhere on the Awali grounds.
7. Visitors may not take unauthorized photographs of the Awali grounds and surrounding properties.
8. Visitors must wear closed toe shoes at all times.
9. Profane language is prohibited on the Awali grounds.
10. Visitors must have authorization from an Awali representative to harvest any food being grown on the property.
11. Visitors are not hired labor and are encouraged to rest frequently and as desired while working on the Awali grounds.
12. Water must be made available to visitors at all times to avoid dehydration.
13. Guest are not permitted to visit the Awali grounds if they are experiencing fever, cold, coughs, or any flu symptoms.
14. Awali has the right to refuse entry to any unfit visitors.
15. Tool safety procedures must be clearly stated to all visitors upon arrival.
16. Fire safety procedures must be shared with all visitors upon arrival.
17. Gloves and closed toe shoes must be worn while working in the garden.
18. Parental supervision of all minors is required, children should not be left alone at any time.
19. Visitors should not touch, hold, or capture any wildlife on the property.
20. Bonfires should only be managed by authorized Awali representatives.
21. Running with tools in hand is strictly prohibited.
22. Visitors should not eat any plants on the Awali ground before speaking to an Awali representative.
23. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriate for the gardening task and weather conditions, including items such as a hat with brim, long-sleeved shirt, long pants, gloves, sunglasses, closed-toed shoes, and sunscreen.

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