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The Orgin of Awali

Seva is a Sanskrit word that translates to “selfless service.” The philosophy of seva is our guiding principle. We approach our work with the understanding that all things are connected. Everyone has a valuable contribution and is endowed with inherent gifts, abilities, and purpose that can be utilized in service to all. Removed from hierarchical concepts and speciesism, Awali functions as a collective, in harmony with all life and with recognition of our collective potential.

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Awali is developing into a central hub, in a community of people focused on wellness. This development is assisted by parents, volunteers, and professionals with a wide range of valuable skill sets. Awali is instrumental in organizing these efforts by providing a space to gather, learn, and explore the offerings of these educators, builders, activists, and food entrepreneurs. Notable contributors include Quinton Watson of Urban Construction, Kiara Diggs, of Little Indigo House, and Renay Nailon of The Art Reform. Key figures in the arenas of food and land justice that are helping to advise Awali’s practices include Brenda Sanders of Afro-Vegan Society and Tracy McCurty of Acres of Ancestry.

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