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The Awali Veganic Homestead Education Center hosts plant-based agricultural workshops, veganic gardening classes, nutrition and cooking classes, vegan feasts and youth camps. Other resources include a seed-sharing library of organic produce and legumes, and a traditional library with books, videos, etc.


It is through the programs that we interface with communities, both locally and globally (first-hand and through digital content). We function as an educational hub, where the general public and leaders from many spheres benefit from our trainings, services, and networking. Our programs present an opportunity to show others that all life is connected and in the understanding of commonality, find spaces of cooperation for collective health and well-being.


Even as they vary, Awali’s programs have a singularity in their function, goal, and purpose: to empower communities through education, life skills, and experiences in nature that foster food security through plant-based food and gardening.

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