Awali’s educational programs are vehicles to interface directly within our communities in an environment focused on developing life-skills. Utilizing modern technological media equipment for virtual learning and digital content, coupled with hands-on veganic gardening training, we increase the awareness of the health and ecological benefits of a plant-based lifestyle for the youth and families. Our programs function to bring people forward into the 21st century with skills, global perspective, cooperative work, and ecological stewardship through a vegan perspective.


This is an environmental science camp geared towards veganic gardening and plant-based living. This is a week-long (five days) summer camp at the Awali site for children aged 6-13 years. Utilizing the Grow Where You Are summer program curriculum and modeled after the Forest School Technique, we offer an introduction to veganic gardening skills, outdoor activities, ecological awareness and simple vegan cooking and food preparation 

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These are introductory vegan cooking classes that highlight fundamental techniques that can be easily applied at home. These classes exist for those transitioning to a vegan diet as well as established vegans who want to enhance their skills. There is a focus on utilizing local crops (produce and legumes) as well as produce that participants can grow themselves. The content is familiar and culturally-appropriate.