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Becoming Awali (An offering)

It's been quite the journey the last 2 years, creating, structuring and working the Awali plan. The worldwide pandemic, in some ways, gave pause to our abilities to gather and come in unity. However, we were gifted with time to dream, to conjure, to expand and test out our proposed offerings, utilizing the space and platform that Awali is. We are grateful to our community for their willingness to assist and offer support in so many ways as we slowly but surely grow into something that is prayerfully worthy of community.

We are operating under the premise that abundance in all of its forms is not only possible, but certain if we are willing to work towards it. If we can collectively imagine and then practically and tangibly manifest it, we can, through awareness, cultivate a beautiful, expansive and healthy world for all that exists in and of it.

The aim for these last 2 years of planning has been to create a system with practical tools and skills that aid in bringing self and community awareness to our collective impact, agency and co-creation and/or collective destruction, in interfacing with and living in our environment. When I speak to the environment I mean the whole of the Earth. From the air we breathe, the water and food we consume, and the animal and plant life we coexist with.

How are we really showing up in the world? Is it solely from the place of consumption and need? Do we give inasmuch as we take? Are we co-existing or dominating in such a way that all other life forms struggle to exist and thrive in our energy field? These are core questions that frame a large part of the ethos of Awali. It shapes our activism, our approach to veganism and environmentalism. Is our expression and our work ethic making a contribution to our planet and all of its inhabitants?

We invite you as co-creators to trod this journey with us, as we look to create communities, states, nations, ultimately a world, that is replenished, renewed and abundant for all. Welcome to Awali!

What we are harvesting right now?

  • Peppers

  • last of tomatoes

  • figs

  • holy basil (tulsi)

What we are cooking right now?

  • Foraged chicken of the woods mushroom etoufee w/ Awali peppers and tomatoes.

What we are planting?

  • Preparing beds to plants fall crops

What’s Happening in the garden?

  • Weeding

  • Pruning

  • Harvesting

  • Bed Making

What we are reading/Who we are following?

  • Sadhguru and the Save Soil Initiative.

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