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We Journey On...

The beauty of Fall is, as we are gathering, storing, and harvesting, all in preparation for hunkering down come winter, we are offered the opportunity for reflection. The past year 2023 has been one for reflection for sure. We are gaining our legs here at Awali. Moving through our nascent stage, wobbling through the toddle phase, and if the Universe wills stepping into the space and time where we begin to gain our stride. We are building something, we desire, will be around for years to come. Working prototypes of potential, sustainable communities, progressive platforms, and practical skill sets, all through the medium of relationship.

2023 brought so many changes, and unexpected opportunities, to learn, grow, and pivot. We found ourselves consistently going back to the proverbial drawing board, to assess, and to rearrange. The were many times we had to refocus and readjust, really reinforcing our commitment to this work, in this way. I admit, there were times were it seemed a task insurmountable. I constantly had to remind myself of the why. In a space where personality rules over substance, and numbers make everything go, how could we maintain integrity? How could we find our space, in our way? When it seems everyone wants the same old thing and folks like us, who are not impressed with the shiny, the staged, the superficial, how do we bring forth the new that the world seems to truly be demanding underneath the temporary desire to be entertained?

The one thing that hasn't changed and will not ever change for us, is our connection to the community that informs and supports us. We are as a result of how you all allow us to be. How you demand that we show up, the needs you express that must be fulfilled for us to collectively move forward in health, in innovation, in growth, harmony, and balanced expansion. We function to serve, we function as a unit. With seva as the guidepost and the number one standard operating procedure. We are Awali, The Source, powered, motivated, and nurtured by the Earth itself. Join us in our mission of preparing us all for the abundance that exists. We know it's there, waiting, desiring us to step into our full potential and receive. Gratitude for the growing support. Let's forward on, creating the world, urging us to birth it.

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